Historical Visit at the San Diego Gaslamp District

San Diego Gaslamp District

The San Diego Gaslamp District, also called the Gaslamp Quarter, is a bustling sixteen block span that is simply teeming with activity.

With more than one hundred buildings constructed during the Victorian era, the San Diego Gaslamp District boasts a listing in the National Register of Historic Places and is definitely a must-see when visiting the southern region of the gorgeous state of California.

Brief History of the San Diego Gaslamp District

Back during the days of the infamous California Gold Rush, the population of San Diego burgeoned until more than 40,000 people called the city their home as people flocked from all over to seek their fortunes.

After the disappointing rush was over, the San Diego Gaslamp District was also once home to a large number of saloons, not to mention many houses of ill repute, and eventually, the area faced deterioration.

However, three decades ago in the 1980s, the district was totally revitalized and redeveloped, and today, it remains one of the city's most popular neighborhoods of all for both tourists and locals alike.

Things To Do

Located not far from the heart of downtown and the San Diego Convention Center, the Gaslamp Quarter has been deemed the very best place to be in the city for dining, live entertainment, lodging, and for exploring a variety of fascinating shops full of an astonishing number of treasures. The district also features a collection of art galleries, festivals and events to entertain, and plenty of nightclubs and bars for the adults to enjoy.

When it comes to the music and nightlife in the Gaslamp you will find a wide range of choices including hip hop, top 40 hits, island style, and DJs getting the crowd involved.

Food and Music

The district is famous for some of the best cuisine and musical entertainment and features Croce's, named after music legend Jim Croce, a jazz bar and restaurant located on the corners of Fifth and F Streets in the heart of the district. Or, if you prefer fine, authentic Italian cuisine, the Trattoria La Strada has been recognized as the finest restaurant in the entire quarter.

Souvenir Shopping

Whether you are looking for something specific or are simply content with browsing, the shops and stores in downtown San Diego offer something for everyone. Nearby in Seaport Village, you will find fun and unique items from elegant jewelry, clothing such as jeans and outerwear, shoes of all types, and a mind boggling array of accessories to choose from. There are also many vendors selling souvenirs, t-shirts, and beach related items.

Cool Tours

If you're interested in something totally different and unique, the Gaslamp Quarter even has a nighttime tour of the region with Ghostly Tours in History. There are one hour tours on foot to explore stately Victorian homes said to be haunted as well as limousine tours lasting for several hours that travel to several locations throughout San Diego.

Hotels Near The Gaslamp Quarter

If you want to stay and fully explore the San Diego Gaslamp District, there are a multitude of hotels nearby to choose from including the Hard Rock Hotel, the Marriott Gaslamp, the Hilton San Diego, and The Omni Hotel, all of which are full of generous amenities for guests to enjoy.

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