Brace Yourself For A Wild San Diego Nightlife!

When the moon emerges so do the San Diego nightlife enthusiasts. This city is a crowd pleaser for those who tend to sleep the day away and do their partying in the wee hours of the morning. San Diego nightclubs are abundant and a great place to meet people from all walks of the world.

Below is a list of the top San Diego hot spots:

Club Tremors

Club Tremors is located right around the corner from Pacific Beach. You will definitely want to include this in your San Diego nightlife plans. There is dancing, music and more at this popular dance club hangout. Plenty of room to enjoy the crowds of people from the balcony at this multi-level establishment.

Jimmy Love's

Jimmy Love's is a highly rated restaurant/sports bar/dance club and has a little bit of everything to please everyone. The building, which consists of multiple levels, is a restored building that was built in the late 1800s. Originally, Jimmy Love's was a library. With great food, dancing and sip of a little wine you can be entertained as you listen to live musical performances. If you get bored with all that you can make your way to the lower level of the building and play a game of pool.

Café Sevilla

Like Flamenco music? This Spanish restaurant is the place for couples to indulge in romance. The intimate setting at Café Sevilla sets the mood with its arches and lighting to make for a mellow atmosphere. Various Spanish music streams through the restaurant for your pleasure. Dinner shows are dancing instructions are also available at this quaint San Diego nightlife hot spot.

Belo Restaurant & Nightclub

This delightfully decorated restaurant/dance club will take you back to the 60s with its beaded curtains, go-go boot wearing waitresses and vibrant lighting. Great music and dancing, Belo Restaurant and Nightclub consists of three different rooms which plays different kinds of music per room like hip hop or house. A place for everyone ages 18 and over!

In Cahoots Dance Hall & Saloon

In Cahoots Dance Hall & Saloon is located in Mission Valley, this down-home club is all about the cowboys and the cowgirls too! Happy hour, country western music and a big dance floor will have you yelling yeeee-haw! Bring along your boots and try out some dancing lessons. When you need a little breather in between dances head on out to the deck outside and recoup while counting the stars.

On Broadway

This busy place enforces a dress code so be sure to oblige them or you just may not be allowed inside the doors. On Broadway lines are known to be long, so plan ahead. A variety of music is played by DJs that will appease everyone. Dancing and a good time is a for sure thing at this San Diego nightlife hot spot.

U-31 Cocktail Lounge & Bar

For the karaoke lovers, here is a club for you. Music, dancing and bullriding will ensure a night of fun. Different events take place every evening so call ahead and be prepared. Play pool and chill if you need a little diversion from the crowds. These are a few of the many spots that you'll experience, all in part of the San Diego Nightlife at U-31 Cocktail Lounge & Bar.

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