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Have a Splash, At Sea World San Diego!

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Sea World San Diego is one of my favorite theme parks to visit, due to the fact that I love sea animals, especially the ones that do unbelievable tricks.

As you approach the park you get this sense of excitement as any theme parks would give you. Seeing the giant whale at the front of the park just make you wanna say, "Whoa", and you just can't wait to get in and see what this talented killer whale can do.

There are a ton of things to do at Sea World, you just gotta know which one you want to do first. With all the excitement you are feeling, you will want to do everything, all at the same time.

Sea World San Diego Orca Encounter


The Orca Encounter is my favorite. It's very entertaining, and at the same time mesmerizing to see Orcas perform and swim showcasing their majestic strength and beauty right in front of your eyes.

Magellanic Penguin Exhibit

Magellanic Penguins

In Sea World San Diego you will have an awesome experience that the whole family will remember. Some of the exhibits include the Magellanic Penguin Encounter. Come and watch the interesting antics of almost 300 emperor, king, Adelie, macaroni and gentoo penguins.

Shark Encounter

The Shark Encounter will leave you breathless as you observe the various sharks up close and personal as you walk through the tube enclosure. Here you will see sharks, such as the whitetip sharks, bonnethead, blacktip and sand tiger sharks. 

Dolphin and Beluga Interaction

Dolphin Over Trainer

Many other marine life exhibits will fascinate you throughout the day. Special animal interaction encounters can be experienced with the dolphin and beluga whales for an additional $190 fee.

You will notice as you slip into your wetsuit that Beluga whales have overwhelming power and are very graceful. You will become one with these awesome animals in the Beluga Interaction Program. If you’re visiting Sea World you won’t want to miss this incredible and unique wild arctic encounter.

Kid Friendly SeaWorld Rides

Kid friendly seaworld rides, shows, food, and gift shops are also a treat for anyone who visits this San Diego attraction. As you approach the entrance, you will notice something on the right side that looks like a water tower.

What you are really looking at is the awesome Journey To Atlantis ride. It will get your heart pounding with excitement, then have your face splashed with cold water, sounds exciting? Then this is your ride, a great way to start your day at Sea World.

Sea World San Diego Discount Tickets

I love bargains and Sea World San Diego discount tickets are always a great choice. If you want to see a big smile on my face just show me tickets that are available at discount prices.

We love family outings and Sea World San Diego performers are some of the best in the world. The park is open on a year round basis which means that you have the chance to save money on your admission fee when you buy the best Sea World discount tickets.

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