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Discover Hidden Gems While Doing Your San Diego Shopping

Artists Market

When you are sight-seeing, what goes better in hand than doing some San Diego shopping. So many different places to shop are family friendly and fun. Here are some of the top areas for your family to enjoy.

San Diego Shopping Spots

Seaport Village

The next time you visit for some San Diego shopping, make sure you do not miss Seaport Village. There you will enjoy over fifty places for you to shop. They have a number of unique places for clothing, mugs, gifts, kites, music boxes, jewelry, wind chimes, art galleries, hot sauces, as well as bookstores and much more. In addition, all of your family is sure to enjoy the various types of music and things to do. Here you will find no shortage of things to do and a little something for everyone.

Old Town Market

San Diego shopping is never complete without a taking a visit to the old town market. When you step within this shopping area, you are sure to feel as you have stepped back in time. More specifically, you will feel as you are within the 1800's and living within the Mexican influenced history.

Not only will you love the diverse places to shop, but also you will have the enjoyment of learning about history. There are museums, and other historical landmarks for you to sink your teeth into. Additionally, your family can enjoy a guided tour with some of the guides and park rangers. In addition, a number of boutiques and gift shops within the area offer you a place to shop, while incorporating a Mexican feel.

Ferry Landing Marketplace

If you are feeling adventurous during your San Diego shopping, then you are going to want to visit Coronado Island's Ferry Landing Marketplace . This marketplace sits on the lovely island of Coronado. There you will find a number of charming places to shop, as well as art galleries. Additionally, they have both fun and fine places to eat.

Some of the things you will find in the shops are things such as seashells, south of the border collectible, in addition to fine jewelry and other treasures. The entire family is sure to enjoy one of the many things they have to offer.

Otay Ranch Town Center

This is one of the newer areas within San Diego shopping, offering an inviting and open atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy. One of the things that make this shopping area so unique has to do with their themed areas, such as the Garden area. Additionally, they have things such as a doggie park for those who want to bring their four-legged friend.

Farmers Markets

While you are doing your San Diego shopping, you are not going to want to pass up the opportunity to shop within the farmers markets. They offer a flurry of different types of things that local farmers have grown. This is a great family activity that everyone is sure to enjoy.

As you pass by, different types of flowers and fruits, why not try one of the fresh strawberries, or peaches. Most of the fruits will depend on the season. At some of the markets, you will also have the option to try some cooked up food as well.

At the Del Mar and Coronado farmer markets, you are sure to enjoy the homey feeling they give. As for the Hillcrest and Ocean Beach farmer markets, your children are sure to enjoy the llama rides, crafts, and live music. Both of these markets have more of a festival feel.

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