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Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of Coronado Island San Diego

Coronado Island San Diego

Coronado Island San Diego, situated just across the Bay and not really an island at all, is connected to the mainland by a small isthmus. And here you will find unbelievable scenery, tidy resorts, numerous fun activities and stunning sights to see, and also a major U.S. naval station located near the western tip of the "isle."

The majestic Coronado Bay Bridge is a spectacular sight to behold upon arrival to Coronado Island San Diego as the curving structure spans an amazing 11,000 feet.

Many visitors prefer to get there via the Coronado ferry, which departs from the Broadway Pier on a daily basis between 9am and 9pm and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

This small city with its charming village atmosphere has been given the nickname "Crown City" testament to its royal appeal, its rich history, and great natural beauty.

Coronado Island is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side along with the San Diego Bay and Glorietta Bay making it a most picturesque seaside town to visit any time of the year.

Although the city of Coronado Island in San Diego only measures 13.5 square miles, it is home to some of the nation's most stunning, white sandy beaches and a bevy of recreational facilities and areas to enjoy.

Coronado Island San Diego Activities

Golf on an 18-hole course, spend the day in one of the island's 18 different public parks, play tennis, swim in the public pool, or explore the winding bike paths.

The Coronado Ferry Landing Marketplace in Coronado Island San Diego is a collection of art galleries, a variety of places to eat ranging from fine restaurants to quick and fun eateries as well as many small shops for buying everything from souvenirs to beautiful jewelry to holiday treasures found all the year long.

Hotel Del Coronado

A visit to Coronado Island San Diego would not be complete without seeing the world renowned Hotel del Coronado, fondly known as "The Del" and considered to be one of North America's most wonderful resorts.

This gorgeous, turreted hotel provides the perfect blend of the modern Californian lifestyle the Bay area is famous for along with plenty of old world charm to create a rather unique and unforgettable experience for guests.

One of the Hotel del Coronado's many claims to fame is that it appeared in the 1950s movie "Some like it Hot" with Marilyn Monroe posing as a beach hotel in Miami.

And thirty years before that it was the place where the Prince of Wales, Edward VIII met his soon to be wife, the recently divorced Wallis Simpson who was previously a housewife living on the isle.

Along with The Del, there are many other hotels on the isle to choose from ranging from intimate inns to enchanting villas to relaxing resorts complete with pools, spas, and a wealth of nearby attractions.

With the expansive Pacific Ocean and blue skies as the background, beautiful Coronado Island San Diego is definitely one of the many places in the great state of California you will not want to miss visiting.

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