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San Diego Hot Air Balloon an Adventure Ride to Remember

Let me share some of the highlights of our recent San Diego adventure, beginning with our San Diego hot air balloon ride. This was our family's second time to experience this unique ride that we wanted another round of this exhilarating San Diego attraction.

Instead of driving around in a car or riding the trolley we decided that a hot air balloon ride would definitely be a memorable and exciting way to see the "City by the Bay".

There are special trips that are available such as Champagne and Proposal flights but all we wanted to experience was one of the more typical balloon rides.

San Diego Hot Air Balloon Ride

San Diego Hot Air Balloon Ride and Tour

When we first called to make reservations for our first San Diego hot air balloon ride we made reservations for an early morning flight. Immediately we discovered that the pilots really mean "early morning".

We needed to be ready to go just a few minutes after sunrise and this meant that we had to get the entire family up and out the door while it was still dark outside.

During our last trip, we had visited the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. None of these excursions required these types of early morning preparations so this was definitely a little different from what we normally did.

Our pilot had talked with us the day before our scheduled trip and explained that the winds are a lot calmer at this time of the morning. For the same wind related reasons an evening trip in a balloon is generally scheduled a couple of hours prior to sunset.

Actually these are excellent times to enjoy the thrilling experience of a San Diego hot air balloon adventure. Pacific coast sunsets are always colorful and for us there was an extra excitement in the air as we were drifting in the clouds at sunrise.

The Balloon Flight

One thing to keep in mind is that all of the balloon flights are dependent upon the weather conditions and this means that last minute cancellations are not uncommon.

San Diego weather can produce rain, wind and foggy mornings but on those clearer mornings the aerial views of this southern California city are breathtaking.

There is no way to accurately describe how wonderful the view is when you are actually floating in the air. You can see for miles in all directions.

It does seem that you are weightless when you are in the basket and this adds to the dreamlike quality of this outdoor excursion.

In addition to having a number of top landmarks pointed out by our pilot-guide we could determine many of the San Diego attractions without any assistance.

It is really a lot of fun to look down from the safety of the basket and see the buildings, the boats and the busy city traffic.

Hot Air Balloon Experience and Adventure

The Pacific Ocean is so spectacular that the sights quite literally took our breath away. If you are hoping to see schools of dolphins or whales this is a great vantage point to have.

A San Diego balloon ride typically lasts for about an hour but you will not be bored and you definitely want to bring a camera along to capture some of those extraordinary views.

The excitement of stepping into that San Diego hot air balloon basket for the very first time is like no other experience and it is definitely an adventure that we will always remember.

These are safe but unpredictable rides, and the feeling of freedom and wonder will remain with you long after the balloon trip has been completed.

San Diego hot air balloon rides are an exciting way of seeing this California city from a completely new vantage point. Sailing through the air while viewing some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world makes this an adventure that you need to experience at least once in your life.

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