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San Diego Whale Watching Tours

San Diego Whale Watching Tours

San Diego whale watching tours are a great way to spend an afternoon whenever you are visiting Southern California. Where else could you get a chance to ride something that mimics San Francisco trolley cars, visit top attractions and also get to see these magnificent animals frolic in the ocean?

These whales can be as long as 110 feet and just having the chance to get a close-up encounter with them will prove to be an exciting moment that you will never forget. For family vacation fun this is certainly an adventure that I can highly recommend.

San Diego Whale Watching Tours with Hornblower Cruises

We scored $5 off the regular ticket prices for San Diego Whale Watching Tours by using the special code WWS10. This is featured on the Hornblower Cruises & Events website.

Normally we have our tickets planned out ahead of time but the kids saw some of the flyers that listed whale watching in the Bay and this was a spur of the moment decision that we made.

We got to enjoy an ocean trip that lasted almost 4 hours from start to finish and with 5 people to buy tickets for I always welcome an opportunity to save extra money.

I have learned that there are some good resources for discount tickets to almost any of the top attractions in the San Diego area. Knowing where to look for cheaper tickets will help you get great deals and stretch your entertainment dollars.

Discount tickets for San Diego whale watching tours, harbor cruises, museums and live shows are available and there is no difference in the overall experience except the fact that you are saving as much as 30-70% of the regular ticket price.

The boat we went out on for this particular harbor trip was comfortably equipped and the guides had received their training at the city's Natural History Museum.

This meant that they were giving us some really educational information about the whales and other local marine life while making sure that the tour was always lively and exciting.

Speaking for myself and my family I can assure you that this is an opportunity that really does deliver fun as well as some unforgettable moments.

Sail San Diego, Newport Landing, and Flagship Cruises

You can also check out Flagship Cruises and Events in San Diego to see what special offers they have as far as their whale watching excursions are concerned.

There is a $5 ticket discount available when you sign up for a whale watching tour with the Sail San Diego Company. To get $5 off the price of any of the 1-2 hour Sail San Diego harbor tours all you have to do is mention their online ad that you will find at the Sail San Diego website.

This special offer is good for 1-6 tickets. Newport Landing offers a buy one/get one free special online. This means you can print out the voucher at their online website and then pay only $30 for 2 tickets.

The company has been sponsoring San Diego whale watching tours for a number of years and you really can not beat this price.

Combo Advantage

Be sure to check for the discounted combo packages that feature your choice of a Harbor Cruise or going for San Diego Whale Watching tours as well as a visit to the San Diego Natural History Museum, Maritime Museum or coming aboard the USS Midway.

When you combine two or more of these southern California tours, you can get a better deal on the price of your family tickets.

Another place where these discounted tickets can be found is in the pages of local tourist magazines. These flyers and magazines are available at hotels, restaurants and state welcome centers.

Even airports and convenience stores usually have some of these free booklets available, so be sure and ask. You might also want to check and see if there are any additional discounts offered for active military personnel.

Some of the companies that sponsor San Diego whale watching tours even offer discounts for teachers, students or members of AAA.

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