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San Diego Zoo Discount Tickets, Double the Fun at Half the Price

San Diego Zoo discount tickets are one sure way to make certain that your next vacation does not cost you more money than you could afford. I have found that there are many different ways for you to experience this zoo adventure. You might want to make this San Diego tourist attraction the highlight of your vacation or just add it to a list of California attractions to be explored.

Below is a list of resources for San Diego Zoo discount tickets:

Go San Diego Pass

First up is the Go San Diego Pass, these passes are one of the best ways to get San Diego Zoo discount tickets. I found out about the benefits of these Go San Diego Passes and I strongly advise you to check them out for yourself if you are planning to visit the San Diego area.

These popular pass provide you with deeply discounted admission prices for the zoo and a number of other leading San Diego tourist attractions as well. After all, nothing says 'discount' better to my ears than savings of 50% or more. The San Diego Go Pass will make it possible for you to double your pleasure and fun without going broke.

You can visit Sea World, museums and many other fascinating sites for the price of just one Go San Diego Pass. There are multi-passes available that can give you unlimited admission to your favorite San Diego landmark attractions over a span of 1-7 days. These San Diego Zoo discount tickets can save you more than 50% off the gate price.

Balboa Park Passport Tickets

The Balboa Park Passport tickets are good for admission to the zoo as well as a number of attractions located in the popular Balboa Park. The shuttle train even drops you off right at the zoo.

If you hate standing in ticket lines during your family vacations as much as I do you will want to use online ordering methods as much as possible. I try to get our tickets confirmed 6-8 weeks ahead of our vacation dates.

San Diego Zoo discount tickets can be purchased ahead of time to maximize convenience and save you the hassle of waiting in those long lines. Consider purchasing one of these Best Value San Diego Zoo tickets which will also provide you and your family with:

  • Rides on the Skyfari Air Tram
  • Unlimited access to the guided bus tours
  • Express Bus Service

Check out the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park websites to see other available options such as the special ‘two parks for one price tickets'. With these you are able to visit both Safari Park and the zoo and you will realize a savings of at least 10%. If you are looking for a number of different ways to save money on your outings then these San Diego Zoo discount tickets are worth the consideration.

San Diego City Magazines

Many of the offers featuring the best San Diego Zoo discount tickets can be found in numerous San Diego city magazines such as "Quickguide". You might also want to look through the pages of a magazine titled "This Week".

When you are in San Diego you can find these magazines (and many more) at hotels, convenience stores, restaurants and other stores. We always pick up tourist based magazines at welcome enters, hotels and grocery stores. There are some great coupons and special offers contained in these pages.

Military Discounts

A valid military ID will even get you a Best Value ticket free of charge. We have friends who are on active duty in the Air Force and they have used their IDs to enjoy the zoo without having to pay any admission cost. You could also get San Diego Zoo discount tickets for your family at your nearby ITT or MWR office on base.

Zoo Memberships

Joining the zoo is one way to get access to some deeply discounted San Diego Zoo tickets. I think this is an excellent way to introduce people to the zoo and garner public support for this outstanding city attraction.

A single year's membership will give you free admission to the zoo. You also get a year's subscription to the special ‘members' only magazine, discounts on special events and the membership is tax deductible.

If you live in a state other than California and have a membership at your local zoo be sure and see if there is a reciprocity agreement included. The San Diego Zoo may let you in for free if you present your local zoo membership card. We plan to join the San Diego Zoo this summer and take advantage of the freebies.

Senior Discounts

Senior Discount

Seniors 60 years old (or older) will receive a 10% discount at the gate. These San Diego Zoo discount tickets are only available if you go to the ticket counter at the entry gate, present proper ID and ask for the senior price break.

Our parents went with us one year and chose to visit the zoo while we shopped. They were very pleased to get this instant discount at the ticket window. The person manning the admission station told them about the discount and they did not even have to ask for the cheaper tickets.

AAA Member Discounts

As a member of AAA you can use your auto club membership to score a 10% discount off the price of San Diego Zoo tickets and purchases. All you have to do is present your AAA membership card at the booth to receive your discount (good for up to six people per card).

Combination passes are always available and these can be very useful if your vacation plans include more than one of the San Diego tourist attractions. You can select the combo tickets that will work best for you and your family.

Southern California City Pass

Southern California City Pass combines a Disneyland Park Hopper ticket good for 3 days and your choice of zoo tickets, Universal Studios/Sea world tickets, or free admission to the Safari Park. We tried these combination passes a few months ago and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

These are not the only options available to purchase San Diego Zoo discount tickets. However I think these are the best offers to save money and time on your next San Diego family outing.

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