Save with Sea World Discount Tickets

Sea World discount tickets allow you to enjoy all of the features at the park's San Diego location without having to pay the regular list price. These tickets and passes are no different from any others, except for the fact that you saved money when you bought them.

For family fun or just a day of entertainment for you and your friends, there is always something exciting on tap at California's premiere aquatic park. Whenever we visit Sea World San Diego I know my kids will be begging to stop and see the dolphins and whales in action.

I have spent more than my share of time standing in long lines waiting for a ticket seller and now that I understand how Sea World discount tickets operate, I just bypass this time consuming task altogether.

Who wants to spend an hour or more of their day waiting to pay for the opportunity to enter the park grounds when you could already be inside those gates enjoying all of the shows and attractions?

You can purchase tickets for a one day visit or go for the annual passes which can be used at any time. There are even tickets with options for a 2nd free visit and some tickets are available for special events that may be offered, but you can always count on scoring a better deal than the prices listed at the gate.

If you have kids who are 2 and under there is no admission charge, and kids 3-9 pay a discounted admission rate for Sea World San Diego. Everyone 10 years old or older will pay the same price for admission to this theme park, but if you live in the Southern California area you are given some special perks.

Go Online for Great Bargains

Buying Sea World discount tickets can be done online where you have the opportunity to check out a variety of offers as you search for the best deal. This is what I did, and then all I needed to do was to click and print our tickets and we were ready to go.

So Cal City Pass

For those who live in Southern California area you can purchase a Southern California City Pass. This is one of the best options for Sea World discount tickets, and the good thing about the pass is that it lets you get admission to other attractions including Disneyland, Universal Studios, California Adventure, and the city Zoo. You can expect to pay $229 for children passes and adult passes can be purchased for $269.

Universal Studios/ Sea World San Diego Combo Pass

Check out the Universal Studios Combo Pass which features special Sea World discount tickets along with admission to Universal Studios. These passes only cost $99 for kids ages 3-9 and $121 for each adult. You can also use these within any 2 week period of time so you have more options about how you will spend your vacation days.

7 Day Pass for San Diego Sea World

I considered buying one day tickets but then I discovered that a 7 day pass was available with rates of $99 per child and $121 for adults. These were a great bargain and we were able to use our tickets a total of 4 times in a one week period.

This gave our family enough time to thoroughly enjoy the shows and features at Sea World San Diego without feeling rushed. If we had bought 1 day tickets each time we visited the cost would have been almost $300 per adult and close to $250 for each of our 3 children.

Silver Annual Pass to Sea World

There are other Sea World passes that are available including the Silver Annual Pass that costs only $159.99 for a 2 year pass or $109.99 for a single year pass. When you purchase these you also get free parking which can save you $8-17 per outing, depending on what type of vehicle you drive.

Platinum Passport Perks

One of the best Sea World discount tickets in San Diego is the Platinum Passport. This gives you a full 2 year pass to Sea World San Diego as well as free admission to additional Worlds of Discovery theme parks. With the Platinum Passport you get some guest tickets, special seating at Sea World shows and you can even park your car for free.

Be on the Lookout for San Diego Sea World Coupons

I discovered that there are Sea World discount tickets available at local San Diego area grocery stores. You can even check out some of the offers for ‘cut-rate' tickets in tourist magazines that you find at hotels and family style restaurants.

The only real drawback to these types of tickets is that you cannot just bypass the admission line. If you choose these types of discount tickets for a theme park there is no way around standing in those long lines at the ticket gates.

For many people who are looking to save some money the hassle of waiting in an admission queue is offset by the fact that they are scoring serious savings on the purchase of those tickets.

Check with your employer and see if any Sea World discount tickets are available. Many companies have special arrangements with theme parks that let their employees receive tickets at a lower rate.

AARP or AAA members can also get discounted theme park tickets to attractions that include Sea World San Diego.

If you really want to gamble on your Sea World discount tickets, you might try purchasing these passes through a venue such as Ebay, Craigslist, or the classified section of your local paper. I personally do not consider these as good options based on the fact that the tickets could be out of date or counterfeit.

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